Two members of a popular family died of covid19 this week. Kemiolunloyo

Early this morning Kemiokunloyo posted on her social handle that two members from a popular family have died of covid19 complications, she said just as she did with the late Mr kyari she would also let the family or the government announce their death if they choose to.

Her post….

#Breakingnews.. I have decided to join  the MSM  in not to announce every single person that died of #covid19 in Nigeria. The less you know the better your awareness, like I did with the late Mr kyari, I will let the families or government announce if they choose. The disrespect I have received been called Minister of death and evil reporter always reporting death is enough,I have been practicing journalism 26yrs and practice pharmacy 31yrs, my work entails given fact information I work with no budget after losing HNNAFRICA. And I have relied on donations to do major insult me and disrespect me yet you want to ok know the news as I posted on Facebook everyone’s comment was WHO?🙄2 members of a popular family died in Lagos this week, you are still joking that there is no #covid19 in Nigeria continue the ignorance.




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